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  • Grupo Bursatil Mexicano

    Boosting Mexico's potential

    A 100% Mexican company

    GBM was born out of a strong belief in the potential of investments and their impact on society as generators of growth and well-being. Our investment philosophy is based on the value and potential of Mexico and its companies and has enabled us to multiply their capital.

    We proudly consider ourselves the main promoters of domestic and foreign investment in Mexico, reflecting our strong conviction in the country and our people’s potential.


    Corporate Responsibility

    We are committed to Mexico’s development. Therefore, Grupo Bursátil Mexicano has invested in infrastructure that fosters our country’s potential responsibly.


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    Integrity and long-earned trust

    Since inception, talent, trust and integrity have been the hallmark of our culture. Throughout the years, this has enabled our company to manage some of the biggest estates in the world and to build an impeccable reputation worldwide.


    35 years of history

    Our history is all about leadership and innovation. We are always seeking to be at the forefront of financial services, constantly developing products and services that help people optimize their financial quality of life.


    Our mission

    We are aware of our role in society as promoters of economic growth and social impact. We invest in our clients, in our employees and in Mexico, as we are convinced that investments are the only realistic way to achieve the impossible, and that only by doing so, we will accomplish our mission: to unleash the financial potential of Mexico and our people.

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