GBM Transparency

Corporate GBM has a space specially designed so that you can report anonymously or by identifying yourself, any situation related to Bribery, Harassment, Fraud, Corruption or any fact that affects the interests, objectives and assets of the company.

In all cases, the information will be treated strictly confidential, guaranteeing the anonymity of the complainant and ensuring that no retaliatory actions will be taken.

In order to provide timely and expeditious attention to the complaint, the complainant is required to provide in the following form, a detailed and objective description of the situation, as well as of those involved, indicating precisely the evidence available to support it. .

NOTE: Matters relating to complaints about financial products offered by any of our subsidiaries must be communicated through the Specialized Customer Service Unit (UNE), the information is in the “Contacts” section, since the They will not be addressed through this complaint page. For questions or clarifications, contact the service medium for each product that is available on the page