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    in structuring and placement of infrastructure emissions in Mexico during 2019

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    in volume traded at the Mexican Stock Exchange for 15 years


    of companies
    listed on Mexico's Stock Exchange (BMV)covered by our Equity Research team, representing 98% of the Mexbol's market capitalization.

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    May 2021

    Morning Call

    GAP’s April traffic posted an 884.8% YOY surge (Domestic: +654.1%; Intl. +1601.1%), mainly due to an easy YOY comparison base. However, when compared to 2019 pre-pandemic levels, GAP showed a 19.4% decrease (Domestic: -9.5%; Intl. -32.5%).


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    August 2020
    New Release

    We continue with our evolution and now GBMHOMEBROKER is GBM+, today you can have all your investments in one place. Discover three new features to get the most out of your money.

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