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  • Morning Call

    January 20, 2021

    Yesterday, Economy Minister Tatiana Clouthier presented the economic recovery plan in face of the COVID-19-related crisis. The Ministry’s plan revolves around four strategic axes: domestic market, employment and business, investment promotion, international trade and support to the seven regions of the country outlined by the Ministry. Furthermore, Minister Clouthier announced that 60 thousand new loans of P$25,000, each, will be delivered to small and medium-sized businesses.


    • ORBIAinformed that CEO Daniel Martínez-Valle resigned and that the Board appointed Sameer S. Bharadwaj as his replacement, effective February 1. Mr. Bharadwaj joined ORBIA in 2016 and has since served as president of the Fluor and Vinyl divisions.


    • In 2021, CEMEX will invest US$4.9 million to renovate four mortar factories in Spain, looking to adapt to new production and demand needs.


    • GCC announced it has joined the global industry to state a collective Climate Ambition to supply carbon-neutral concrete by 2050 in order to meet the global climate challenge.


    • Stellantis, the world’s fourth largest automotive group, assures it won’t close its plants in Mexico and other 29 countries, as it will seek to reap synergies.


    • Nissan invested US$27.3 million to produce its March and Kick models in the Aguascalientes plant.


    • Minister of Economy Tatiana Clouthier affirmed that Mexico seeks to attract the investments that Ford stopped making in Brazil after the closure of its three plants there.